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Parkway Plan Moves Forward

Good to see that some of the ideas from Rancho Cordova have been incorporated, and now the plan moves on to the next round of public input. City’s parkway ideas make some headwayBut Rancho Cordova bid for ‘developed recreation’ loses.By … Continue reading

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Auburn Dam Report

The report is available at this address The increased cost is dwarfed by the costs of repairing the damage that could be done by a flood, as New Orleans keeps reminding us, and given the annual cost benefits it … Continue reading

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Public Employees & Health Care

Besides the obvious results for the public budget, this move also continues the growing parity between public and private employment that has good and bad consequences. Daniel Weintraub: Sacramento County faces retiree health squeezeBy Daniel Weintraub – Published 12:00 am … Continue reading

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Bullet Train

Too bad, this is a project California not only needs, but would center the concept for the entire West Coast. Bullet train plan may never leave stationBy E.J. Schultz – Bee Capitol BureauPublished 12:00 am PST Tuesday, January 30, 2007 … Continue reading

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Lion in the Parkway

Somehow, the rarity of attacks historically isn’t that reassuring. Lions are scary creatures anywhere outside a zoo or a mile away through binoculars. Cougar alert along parkwayOfficials believe three reports near the American River involve just one mountain lion.By M.S. … Continue reading

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Homeless Count

Volunteers conduct early-morning count of area homelessBy Jocelyn Wiener – Bee Staff WriterPublished 8:14 am PST Tuesday, January 30, 2007 Volunteers fanned out across Sacramento County early Tuesday morning to count the number of homeless people sleeping in the region’s … Continue reading

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Parkway Plan

The input and ideas coming from the public about the work the citizens committee did is exactly why the process is moving to the various local governing boards and councils so that their concerns can be addressed and in some … Continue reading

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