Clean Parkway

One assumes the railroad, with a very long and important history in our region, is as concerned with the needs of the community to restore the Parkway to its previous state as they are about restoring their profit margins; and we look for them to move ahead vigorously in cleaning up and getting the Parkway ready for people to use once again.

Tracks nearly done — clearing tainted dirt from parkway is next
Officials want UP to move fast so popular section can reopen.
By Tony Bizjak – Bee Staff Writer
Published 12:00 am PDT Saturday, March 31, 2007

With Union Pacific’s fast reconstruction of a burned train trestle nearly complete, Sacramento County officials are urging the railroad company to move quickly to clean contaminated soil in the American River Parkway.

Parks officials say they have arranged a meeting Monday with UP representatives to push for rapid steps so the county can reopen a nearly two-mile section of the parkway and recreation trail that has been closed since the fire.

“The question is how quickly can we get the bike trail opened up,” said county parks deputy director Dave Lydick.

UP showed it could amass the necessary equipment and crews to swiftly rebuild its freight line. Lydick said county officials would ask the railroad to “work with the same urgency to remove any contaminated soil.”

Some 1,400 feet of wooden trestle on UP’s Sacramento mainline — serving freight and some passenger trains — burned down March 14.

The fire’s cause remains under investigation, fire officials said, as investigators interview witnesses and review videos shot at the site.

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