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Parks City Settlement

Good news if all goes well, as the residents need the city and the parks district to come together for their benefit. Tentative Elk Grove parks pactBy Loretta Kalb – Bee Staff WriterPublished 12:00 am PDT Friday, March 30, 2007 … Continue reading

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Nature Noir

The best book I’ve read about the part of the American River that is destined to be flooded when—or if—the Auburn Dam is built, is this one. NATURE NOIR Ranger Jordan Fisher Smith, author of Nature Noir: A Park Ranger’s … Continue reading

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Rancho Murieta, Build Out & Activism

Very good look at the group trying to save Rancho Murieta from being built out in violation of the original regulations governing its development . Confessions of a Republican environmental activistTree-hugging Republicans? Meet Candy Chand and her group of Rancho … Continue reading

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Water Storage

It appears a new water storage and flood control reservoir will be built in Northern California that is twice the size of Folsom Lake…and that is very good news. Above-ground reservoir push renewed in SacramentoMarch 28, 2007 SACRAMENTO – Tehama … Continue reading

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Trestle Rebuild Speed Needed for Parkway Clean Up

Assuming the railroad is as much concerned with the future use of the Parkway as the community is, we would expect to see as rapid a clean-up process as possible to get people and bikes once again moving through it … Continue reading

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Water Storage?

The need for more water storage in the American River Watershed will continue to be a increasing problem as growth continues and global warming increases. Dry March cuts snowpack to half of normalBy Matt Weiser – Bee Staff WriterPublished 12:00 … Continue reading

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Galt, Elk Grove, & Growth

Good planning is an important part of any growth, as is public involvement and this is a part of that process which the two cities and the county need to be continually involved with. Galt hears growth goalsElk Grove officials … Continue reading

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