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Rail Transit

One assumption about rail transit is that is cheaper in the long run because it is permanent, but as this article makes clear, that is just not true. Subways Going Down The Tubes Rail advocates sometimes claim that we can … Continue reading

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Good Railyard Questions

With the record the city has negotiating development deals, the questions raised by this editorial are important. Editorial: City Council must probe details of railyardOn Tuesday, council should follow the money and question housing schedulePublished 12:00 am PST Friday, November … Continue reading

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Natomas Levee Work

As it progresses we should remember that the generation of engineers and public leadership who planned and largely built the massive state water system allowing California to become the state it has become, originally engineered the Shasta Dam to be … Continue reading

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Water for Salmon & People

The balancing act is crucial but the needs of people always have to be given a priority, and in the case where water is limited, but the creation of new water storage is an option to provide more water, that … Continue reading

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Local & Federal Flood Control

This story reflects why it is crucial that the federal government have the overall responsibility for flood control projects as local entities tend to draft projects compatible with their interests but may be harmful to those of their neighbor, and … Continue reading

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Trestle Fire, Plea Bargain

It reads like a sad story of justice not well served, that politics may have led astray; and if so, a sadder story yet for a community trying to deal with its problems with some compassion, clarity, and reason. Setback … Continue reading

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Turbo Charged is Green

It is very nice to see the great invention so roaringly satisfying during the golden age of cars and driving, become a vital part of the green age. Something old is new again — and greenerCarmakers are turning to turbocharging, … Continue reading

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