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Salmon, Waxing & Waning

A good look at the situation, though neglecting to note the difficulty of providing the right balance of cold water and proper river flow in the American for spawning, which the Auburn Dam would probably correct, but it is a … Continue reading

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Climate Change Forum Announcement

Forum on climate change todayBy Chris Bowman – cbowman@sacbee.comPublished 12:00 am PST Thursday, January 31, 2008 Locally elected officials throughout the six-county Sacramento region plan to meet today for the first time about global climate change, focusing on its potential … Continue reading

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Dueling Law Suits

An excellent strategy by the farmers, imitating that used by the environmental community for many years, and if nothing else, will continue the discussion about what really is causing the problems around the fishery. Farmers sue in fight over waterState … Continue reading

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The Homeless

The most effective way to help the homeless is to first acknowledge that they have proven they are unable to help themselves, and conduct periodic sweeps by police, accompanied by homeless service providers, to mandate people move into whatever type … Continue reading

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New Auburn Dam Report

This is extremely good news that this project is proceeding with additional information being developed. The report has been commissioned by the American River Authority and the link goes to the presentation outlining what the report will consist of.

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Parkway Tax Plan Announcement

Supervisors favor new parkway plan Published 12:00 am PST Wednesday, January 30, 2008 SACRAMENTO – County supervisors provisionally approved a plan Tuesday to ask property owners near the American River Parkway to kick in up to $30 annually to help … Continue reading

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Salmon Run in Trouble

Let’s hope this is just a natural aberration. Salmon run verges on a collapseSport and commercial fishing are in jeopardy.By Matt Weiser – mweiser@sacbee.comPublished 12:11 am PST Wednesday, January 30, 2008 The Sacramento River’s fall chinook salmon population is headed … Continue reading

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Robert Moses

A strong proponent of suburban sprawl and urban renewal, this article is a great historical overview of his New York work. The Godfather of Sprawl In 1929, when Long Island celebrated the opening of Jones Beach—the 2,413-acre recreation area carved … Continue reading

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Free Muni?

San Francisco explored it and the results are very interesting, one being that other cities that have done it have seen ridership increase by 50%, indicating the desire is there, but the cost is too high. Public leadership needs to … Continue reading

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Goethe to Leidesdorff

There are many good historical reasons to rename the park after Leisdesdorff as he was one of our region’s pioneers, receiving a 35,000 acre land grant from Mexico encompassing what is now Rancho Cordova and Folsom, and connecting current projects … Continue reading

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