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Railyard Development, Atlanta

Here is an interesting story about a railyard development in Atlanta that has many of the same markers floating around the development of the railyard in Sacramento, and in Atlanta, one element that doesn’t seem to fit the typical urbanism … Continue reading

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Government Communications

Though it sounds like an oxymoron more often than naught, the rewards from government communicating honestly to the public are substantial and can help in the partnership that both must be involved in to render more value to that which … Continue reading

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Walnut Crop Announcement & Panhandler Marketing

1) Record harvest estimate – 750 million poundsPublished 12:00 am PDT Wednesday, September 17, 2008 “This year’s harvest of California walnuts will be the biggest ever, according to a forecast by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. “Farmers are likely to … Continue reading

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Climate Change

A former member of the Thatcher government writes a book about global warming from a provocative position; what if the worst scenarios are correct and what can we do? The review is in the Weekly Standard. (link requires subscription to … Continue reading

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Light Rail & Growing Charlotte

1) A recent letter to the editor in the Sacramento Bee recounts experiences similar to other accounts and helps explain why so few will ride light rail on a regular basis. “Going green isn’t worth light-rail risks “I recently started … Continue reading

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ARPPS Commentary Published

Our commentary on the Parkway Plan Update was published in the Rancho Cordova Post. An excerpt. “One of the major items we worked on during the initial planning period for the formation of a new nonprofit advocacy organization—the American River … Continue reading

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Parkway Letters

Two excellent letters published today about the Parkway; the first on illegal camping and helping the homeless, the second on the bike trail and helping all of us traverse the Parkway more safely. Letters to the EditorPublished 12:00 am PDT … Continue reading

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Carriage Rides & Sutter’s Landing Park

1) One of the many things we would like to see available in the Parkway are carriage rides and this long-term local carriage company, reported by the Bee, are just the folks to do it. An excerpt. “The Bee spoke … Continue reading

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Parkway Taxes & The Supercollider

1) As the somewhat dormant plan—for the moment anyway—to increase taxes on adjacent property owners to pay for the long-term funding deficit for the Parkway, it is instructive to read about how many people are responding to ever-increasing taxes in … Continue reading

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Quantifying Environmentalism

A very interesting article from Harvard Business Week. An excerpt. “There are many methods, most financial, to measure the success of companies in meeting goals. But the question becomes a lot harder at Harvard Business School when MBAs are challenged … Continue reading

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