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Crime in Parks

The remoteness of the national parks is very tempting to the large-scale marijuana growing enterprises by drug dealers and it is having a drastic—and bad—impact on the health of those parks, as this article reports. An excerpt. “PORTERVILLE, Calif. — … Continue reading

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Birth of the Burbs

The early suburbs in America were largely built for the returning GI’s of the Second World War, and during their time were wonders of efficient construction, luxurious living, and affordability, and even today one can be amazed at their technology, … Continue reading

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Delta Vision

As reported by the Sacramento Bee, a former Sacramento mayor chaired this group and its conclusions are pretty good, but as always, the devil is in the details and those have yet to be worked out. A excerpt. “Independently, neither … Continue reading

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American Dream of Home Ownership Still Vital

One would have thought that with the current chaos in the financial markets emanating from what has been going on in housing that the bottom has fallen out of more than the market and perhaps, that the long-held American Dream … Continue reading

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Nuclear Power

This is one of the best articles I’ve read recently describing the beauty and utility of nuclear power. An excerpt. “Let’s begin by understanding that the scale of the energy stored at the nucleus of the atom is so great … Continue reading

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Disc Golf & A Sad Story

1) Disc golf would be a wonderful addition to the recreational venues on the Parkway, especially in the lower third area where it is crucial to encourage legitimate usage to reduce the current proliferation of illegitimate usage such as the … Continue reading

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Newspapers Tanking

As the newspaper business seems to be tanking around the country, this insightful article from American magazine, talks about what may be done to stop the slide into irrelevancy, and with our local paper one of those so sliding, especially … Continue reading

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