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Green Economy

Sacramento–with new dynamic political leadership–is wonderfully positioned to provide leadership around green issues, particularly if it embraces the need for more water storage, nuclear energy, and innovative management of parks and open spaces. Here are two large projects and one … Continue reading

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Water Storage & Global Warming

This article from the Bee points to a terrific idea for storing water underground and a storage technology that most certainly needs enriching. With the current possibility of raising Shasta Dam 200 feet—to the height to which it was originally … Continue reading

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Electric Cars

In the arena of energy alternatives, the operative word should be alternatives; ensuring that public money isn’t solely dedicated to one source of potential alternative energy as this recent decision around electric automobiles appears to have done. Options work when … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving from the White House

President’s Radio Address “THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. This week, Americans gather with loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving. This holiday season is a time of fellowship and peace. And it is a time to give thanks for our many blessings. “During … Continue reading

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To Stock or Not to Stock

The decision to stock lakes normally utilized by people attracted to the fishing, and the subsequent economic benefit of their visits, is rightfully absorbed by the locales benefiting from it, and this current decision—noted in this article from today’s Sacramento … Continue reading

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Farmer’s Property Rights in China

This is a very interesting article on the slowly changing situation in China, as the state keeps tinkering with how to improve production of agricultural resources while retaining the trust and good will of the farmers; and if it is … Continue reading

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Birth of the Burbs

In the birthplace of the suburban American dream, the problems now seems to be that there is no longer any more room for new homes at an affordable price, and it is proposed, in this article, one cause of that. … Continue reading

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Helping the Salmon

Though this Bee article appears to only consider wild salmon in its projection of the imminent demise of the species, the hatchery raised and ocean farmed salmon are doing fine, and many feel that human intervention is the future of … Continue reading

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Affordable Housing

The decision by Rancho Cordova, reported in the Bee, to reconsider its affordable housing requirement, is the realization that sometimes leaving development decisions to the relatively freely-chosen and market-driven direction of the developers will result in a much more viable … Continue reading

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Infrastructure Investment

While agreeing in principle with this editorial in the Sacramento Bee—that an investment in the nation’s infrastructure is wise in a time of economic turmoil—the specifics should focus on what is really needed; road and freeway enhancements, more bridges, nuclear … Continue reading

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