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ARPPS Letter Published

Our letter was published in the Bee today responding to a recent editorial. The letter. Seek private support of parks Re “Needed: Some honesty about county revenues” (Editorial, Dec. 29): We agree with the editorial calling for an honest reporting … Continue reading

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Infrastructure Spending: Transit or Cars

Though virtually all personal or work-related transport by individuals in America is by car, government spending for non-car related transit still exceeds 20% of all federal transportation related funding; creating a real equity problem some in congress want to make … Continue reading

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American Dream Affordability

This article from New Geography is a good look at actual home affordability in the volatile market for housing that is currently trying to regain its footing in America, and perhaps is doing so, at least in the Sacramento region … Continue reading

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Capital Mall Beautified

Well, yes, of course, it is a great idea floated in the Sacramento Bee, but how many great ideas to beautify Downtown Sacramento have gone aborning in the past several years. Perhaps current public leadership, with the new changes in … Continue reading

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Airtight Houses?

Technology may really have a winner with this one; a very cool…I mean warm…home, as reported in this article from the New York Times. An excerpt. “DARMSTADT, Germany — From the outside, there is nothing unusual about the stylish new … Continue reading

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On the American

There is a very nice story in the Bee about rafting and hiking on the American River, even during this time of year. An excerpt. “The point is, if you live in the Sacramento region and you aren’t using the … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!!!

Have a wonderful Christmas and get out on the Parkway if you can.

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Housing Project Links to Parkway

A new 1,400 acre community being developed by GenCorp has received environmental approval from Sacramento County, and included are plans to connect to the Parkway through biking and walking trails; very good news for Rancho Cordova and the Parkway. An … Continue reading

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Tent Cities

It is clear that our hearts go out to the homeless, especially at this time of year and in this type of inclement weather, and communities that reach for the solution of allowing formal tent cities to house the homeless … Continue reading

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K Street, The Sad & Endless Drama

During the biggest shopping time of the year, when the malls are full—even in a down economy—the K Street Mall is empty, except for the homeless, as this article from the Bee reports. One looks for leadership, and with a … Continue reading

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