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Housing Project Links to Parkway

A new 1,400 acre community being developed by GenCorp has received environmental approval from Sacramento County, and included are plans to connect to the Parkway through biking and walking trails; very good news for Rancho Cordova and the Parkway. An … Continue reading

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Tent Cities

It is clear that our hearts go out to the homeless, especially at this time of year and in this type of inclement weather, and communities that reach for the solution of allowing formal tent cities to house the homeless … Continue reading

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K Street, The Sad & Endless Drama

During the biggest shopping time of the year, when the malls are full—even in a down economy—the K Street Mall is empty, except for the homeless, as this article from the Bee reports. One looks for leadership, and with a … Continue reading

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Environmental Justice & Homeless Camping

The current economic difficulties will obviously increase the need for the services the programs that serve the homeless provide, and that will have an impact on the already highly impacted lower reach area of the Parkway—from the confluence with the … Continue reading

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Waters on Budget

As the cries that the sky is falling intensify from the state capitol over the lack of a state budget, the situation is put into perspective by Dan Walters. An excerpt. “The Capitol is consumed with the state budget situation … Continue reading

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Governor’s Water Strategy

The Governor—along with Senator Dianne Feinstein—has been way ahead of the state legislators in drafting a realistic water strategy for California and one hopes their efforts will result in its eventual adoption. An excerpt from the article about it. “SACRAMENTO … Continue reading

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The president elect has promised a huge outlay of funds on infrastructure projects, which are sorely needed, but it is important to ensure that the right infrastructure is selected for funding, and that is the topic of this article by … Continue reading

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