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Environmental Justice & Homeless Camping

The current economic difficulties will obviously increase the need for the services the programs that serve the homeless provide, and that will have an impact on the already highly impacted lower reach area of the Parkway—from the confluence with the … Continue reading

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Waters on Budget

As the cries that the sky is falling intensify from the state capitol over the lack of a state budget, the situation is put into perspective by Dan Walters. An excerpt. “The Capitol is consumed with the state budget situation … Continue reading

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Governor’s Water Strategy

The Governor—along with Senator Dianne Feinstein—has been way ahead of the state legislators in drafting a realistic water strategy for California and one hopes their efforts will result in its eventual adoption. An excerpt from the article about it. “SACRAMENTO … Continue reading

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The president elect has promised a huge outlay of funds on infrastructure projects, which are sorely needed, but it is important to ensure that the right infrastructure is selected for funding, and that is the topic of this article by … Continue reading

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American Century

It has been popular—for some time and for some commentators—to portray the American Dream as one dying a slow death, but this author, building on the simple demographics and easily observable trends, portrays another future, a very positive future. An … Continue reading

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Bizarre Governance

It is astonishing that in the consideration of an unproven technology proposal from a company with virtually no track record, that the most basic due diligence of delving into the personal qualifications of the leaders presenting the proposal, was not … Continue reading

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Homeless & Foreclosures

A creative—though troubling and obviously illegal—approach to housing the homeless is spreading, according to this report from USA Today, and along with the tent towns being thought of for Sacramento, does create an opportunity to begin to address the moral … Continue reading

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The End is Near??

Many of us generally fall into two camps regarding environmental issues; we either believe the prognosis of impending ecological doom unless we change our lives to avert it; or we feel that the technological genius of human beings and the … Continue reading

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Air Pollution

This is an excellent two part article on air pollution and the politics surrounding it, with a focus on Los Angeles—appropriately so—but packed with enough scientific and political information to be of interest to just about anyone. An excerpt from … Continue reading

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Time Will Tell

It will be some time before we know if this new pollution control plan that was approved today by the California Air Resources Board—as reported by the Los Angeles Times—is one that also fulfills the rosy economic goals proponents say … Continue reading

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