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Cal Expo Arena Plan

This is clearly one of the most important economic discussions to take place in our area since the Sacramento Kings came to town (disclosure: my cousin Gregg Lukenbill played a major role in that wonderful addition to Sacramento); and will … Continue reading

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California’s Economy

This article pulls a bunch of statistics together to paint a most unflattering picture of our state’s economy. With all of this, my California optimism (optimism being one of our state’s greatest assets) believes we will rebound sooner than later … Continue reading

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Oprah’s Tent City Show

It is very sad to see the harm that is being done to people as our economy struggles to right itself and one hopes it does soon. The show on Oprah actually showed—as much as the tragedy of people on … Continue reading

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Homeless in Sacramento & Oprah

As a community that has created a magnetized downtown/midtown area attracting homeless from around the country with the domestic services that have been provided for so long (and during these especially perilous economic times, so richly deserved), it is only … Continue reading

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Cities, Suburbs & Environmentalism

An interesting article from City Journal postulating that the resistance the environmental movement encourages against most city development, is actually bad for environmentalism, a paradox operating in many fields, unfortunately. An excerpt. “On a pleasant April day in 1844, Henry … Continue reading

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Oregon Dreaming

Oregon has always held a special place in the hearts of westward seeking Americans, even Californians, but at the present time its economy is tanking, as this article notes, and rebuilding might be hampered by the state’s excessive regulation, which … Continue reading

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Global Cooling? A Remembrance

What is important to take from this article by George Will about the global cooling (and others) scare in the 1970’s, is that leaders will often misrepresent reality to satisfy their agendas—which I’m sure is not news to anyone—in complete … Continue reading

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