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The Mayor & Federal Funds

Given the reliance on federal funding many projects in the city of Sacramento rely on, and those of regional projects needing signatures of the mayor and other governing executives, the discussion around the legality of awarding federal funds is an … Continue reading

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Breton on Sacramento Homelessness

Another terrific column, and be sure to read the comments online, that says what most folks who have been paying attention to this issue for some time, have always known; that our public leaders have helped create a magnet in … Continue reading

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County Parks 5oth

Sacramento County Parks celebrates its 50th anniversary this year with a host of activities, as reported by the Rancho Cordova Post. An excerpt. “Sacramento County Regional Parks are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year and are hosting 50 (or more) … Continue reading

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Tent City to Fold

It appears to be the close of one part of a long running tragic tale, the tent city on the south side of the American River will be closed, but the camping that has been in existence on the north … Continue reading

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Sacramento’s Riverwalks

The emergence of river walks on both sides of the Sacramento River, reported by the Sacramento Bee, is a wonderful development that one hopes to see soon replicated—through an expansion of the very over-crowed existing trails and paths—in the American … Continue reading

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Brooks on the Economy

A very insightful look from David Brooks at the changing tenor of the American culture over the past several months of the economic turmoil. An excerpt. “In short, the United States will never be Europe. It was born as a … Continue reading

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California Valleys and Water

The miracle that controlling the water rich north through dam building and moving water to the soil rich valleys has resulted in a breadbasket that provides food to the world, and it is continually threatened by an ideology that is … Continue reading

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