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Environmental Indicators

The annual index has been released, and it is, as always, a perceptive and noteworthy addition to the ongoing discussion around environmental issues. An excerpt from the news release. “San Francisco – The Pacific Research Institute (PRI) and the American … Continue reading

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Rancho Cordova

Several days ago Rancho Cordova was notified that it is a finalist for an award as a great American city, and it is an acknowledgement surely merited, as this Sacramento Business Journal story reveals. This puts Rancho Cordova into pretty … Continue reading

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Politics, Bareknuckled & Good

Politics always needs to engage the public and passionate partisanship appears to have done that, as the level of engagement has increased as the television viewing habits of many Americans revolve around the 24 hours news channels. This article from … Continue reading

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Urban Growth, Two Models

In this perceptive article about urban growth, two models are examined; one that drives out the lower & middle income residents and one that attracts them. Sacramento is surely in position to model the latter, though sometimes leans towards the … Continue reading

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Sometimes it really does seem that the environmental movement—which has done some substantial good for our country—gets too carried away and really does want to activate what the acronym means “Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone.” Here’s the latest from … Continue reading

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For years, we—and many others—have been claiming that the concentration of homeless services in the North 12th Street/Richards Blvd area has served as a magnet to attract homeless from other regions and subsequently to set up illegal campsites in the … Continue reading

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Wilderness, Another Side

The recent designation of new wilderness areas creates new issues and this article takes a look at some of them. An excerpt. “This legislation guarantees that we will not take our forests, rivers, oceans, national parks, monuments and wilderness areas … Continue reading

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Suburbs, Alive & Well

Being a devoted resident of the most enjoyable way of live human beings have yet designed, that of the American suburb, it is good to hear that others, even during this economic downturn, are also continuing to enjoy this magnificent … Continue reading

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Salmon, Wild or Hatcheries

It appears that the salmon season has been closed again and the solution might be to fully fund the hatcheries, although many are against them, as the human management of animals for food, recreation, and companionship is an ancient human … Continue reading

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County’s Bad News Grows

As the major funder of the Parkway and the sole manager, the bad financial news that continues to deepen at the County, does not augur well for the future of the Parkway, typically among the last in the funding queue. … Continue reading

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