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California’s Budget & the Parkway

As the budget crisis continues, one option being discussed at the state level is stopping all general fund support for parks (see highlight below), as reported in the Bee today, and unfortunately, this is a reality that might be played … Continue reading

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On the Parkway

The annual reminder from the Sacramento Bee that being on the Parkway trail can be dangerous and the rules of the trail need to be understood to give everyone a safer and more enjoyable experience. We have long advocated that … Continue reading

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As a fervent admirer of the suburban lifestyle and its attendant amenities, I am always interested in new slants on the ancient way of living outside of the center city cores, and this new article from New Geography is surely … Continue reading

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Decision Day

As another day of decision arrives, between what California has been and should be again (a vibrant and prosperous state that attracts people to it in droves, or an over-taxed, over-regulated, slowly dying on-the-vine region that has more people leaving … Continue reading

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California & the Nation’s Economic Troubles

This column is an interesting take, with a substantial amount of truth—as one expects from Dan Walters at the Sacramento Bee—on the role of our fair state in the economic meltdown. An excerpt. “Memo to Californians from everyone else in … Continue reading

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River Safety

We applaud this safety effort from public leadership to reduce drowning in our rivers, and to the Sacramento Bee and other local media who covered it. As with most public safety related issues, a little bit of education goes a … Continue reading

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Our Community & Community Colleges

While the number of four year universities in the Sacramento region continues to grow; the health of our community college system—one of the best in the state and playing a larger role in the long-term economic viability of our area … Continue reading

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