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Decision Day

As another day of decision arrives, between what California has been and should be again (a vibrant and prosperous state that attracts people to it in droves, or an over-taxed, over-regulated, slowly dying on-the-vine region that has more people leaving … Continue reading

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California & the Nation’s Economic Troubles

This column is an interesting take, with a substantial amount of truth—as one expects from Dan Walters at the Sacramento Bee—on the role of our fair state in the economic meltdown. An excerpt. “Memo to Californians from everyone else in … Continue reading

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River Safety

We applaud this safety effort from public leadership to reduce drowning in our rivers, and to the Sacramento Bee and other local media who covered it. As with most public safety related issues, a little bit of education goes a … Continue reading

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Our Community & Community Colleges

While the number of four year universities in the Sacramento region continues to grow; the health of our community college system—one of the best in the state and playing a larger role in the long-term economic viability of our area … Continue reading

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Crisis and Contemplation

During times of great crisis—as today appears to be—it is always worthwhile to take a deep breath occasionally and contemplate the larger issues that might be driving the crisis, and one of those is surely how we in the industrialized-world … Continue reading

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Suburban Heavens & Urban Planners

As one who believes that suburban living, especially in California, is really the cat’s meow, I am always interested in articles that take a critically reasonable look at the wave of urban planning that decries suburban living and seems to … Continue reading

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Homeless in LA

The results of a concentration of services in one area of Los Angeles—a situation all too common in many cities, including Sacramento—reveals the desperate measures and crimogenic environments that many in the homeless population create as they struggle to survive, … Continue reading

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Idealism Meets Realism

Having a pristine environment where it is always green is an ideal probably all of us can agree would be worth having, but the path to it often lies through some serious thickets of reality, as this article from the … Continue reading

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The Riverfronts

We heartily agree that the riverfronts need to be developed and this article from the Bee is an excellent plan for the Sacramento River, but public leadership also needs to look at the American River as—especially in the North Sacramento, … Continue reading

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California’s Dead Canary

Another article reminding us that our state is in trouble—in addition to our fires, budget crisis, and water shortages—we are also seeing more people leaving California than are arriving, and that is not a good thing. These articles are not … Continue reading

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