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People, Fish, & Farming

In this editorial by the Sacramento Bee, the apparent discounting that farm raised animals—including hatchery raised fish—can sustain a species for the future is discounting something that has been well established in the history of husbandry, and is a technology … Continue reading

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Oil & the World

This is a good article from New Geography about the changing world’s appetitive for the fuel that runs its automobiles, with a nod to the soon to be built major interstate highway system in India that will probably do for … Continue reading

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Bike Sharing Programs

This idea, like its cousin car sharing, that seems at first glance to be a really good transportation innovation, doesn’t look so good—though the promise is there—as the details emerge in this article from Fast Company. An excerpt. “On the … Continue reading

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Global Warming Consensus Shrinking?

In what appears to be a belated reaction to the recent scientific reality of non-warming global temperatures that have been rebutting the fervor of the human-caused global warming debate, the world community of public leadership stakeholders in the outcome of … Continue reading

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Public Safety

We could not agree more with this opinion piece in the Sacramento Bee that public safety funding should be the first public good protected and the last public good reduced, when funding decisions are being made. As a former resident … Continue reading

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Suburbs Growing

A new report from the Census Bureau, from a story at New Geography, confirms what anyone who is paying attention already knows; the best way of life—particularly for families— in America in the 21st Century is in the suburbs, and … Continue reading

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The Microgrid

A great article from Fast Company about getting your house off the power grid and on your own microgrid, by generating your own power and still being able to enjoy all of the technology we take for granted in 21st … Continue reading

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Dams are the Solution

The current global crisis in fresh potable water (and enough cold water in the American and Sacramento Rivers to help the salmon whose plight is noted in yesterday’s post) is more a crisis of storage than of a lack of … Continue reading

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Salmon Runs in the American

Human technology has been able to sustain animal species throughout history through managed farming, and the fish hatchery system is well capable of providing the ongoing sustainability of salmon, as noted in a previous post. Expending additional money on waterways … Continue reading

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Bulldozing Decaying Cities?

This against-the-grain idea has some merit, and is built on the assumption that the urban decay that has struck mostly Midwest and Northeastern cities formerly driven by a manufacturing base that has largely moved to other countries. An article from … Continue reading

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