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Dams are the Solution

The current global crisis in fresh potable water (and enough cold water in the American and Sacramento Rivers to help the salmon whose plight is noted in yesterday’s post) is more a crisis of storage than of a lack of … Continue reading

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Salmon Runs in the American

Human technology has been able to sustain animal species throughout history through managed farming, and the fish hatchery system is well capable of providing the ongoing sustainability of salmon, as noted in a previous post. Expending additional money on waterways … Continue reading

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Bulldozing Decaying Cities?

This against-the-grain idea has some merit, and is built on the assumption that the urban decay that has struck mostly Midwest and Northeastern cities formerly driven by a manufacturing base that has largely moved to other countries. An article from … Continue reading

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Fishery Easements

The often destructive nature of ocean trawling has led to innovations by The Nature Conservancy and some California fisheries that promise benefit to all, reported by PERC Reports. Some Excerpts. “Morro Bay is a picturesque coastal community in central California. … Continue reading

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Wallace Stegner

He was one of the great writers of the West and in this article from the Property Environment Research Center’s magazine, some of his more well-known quotes are reflected upon. An excerpt. “Editor’s note: The following is extracted from a … Continue reading

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Urban Infill

The densification of metropolitan areas has been going on for some time and Sacramento is rated twelfth in infill of thirty-seven metro areas (rankings are about halfway down at the jump), with an infill rate of 6.8%, in this article … Continue reading

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Voluntary Fees for Parks

We agree with one aspect of the editorial by the Sacramento Bee concerning paying for parks; that idea which allows for a voluntary paying of additional car registration fees that could go for the upkeep of parks. Voluntarism is the … Continue reading

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