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Buy Local?

It has become a mantra, but some of the reasons given why it is better than buying global are suspect, and buying global might pencil out actually satisfying the reasons given for buying local, better, as this article from Financial … Continue reading

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Humans First

The drought that is being amplified by the government in denying water to farmers so that fish can have it, is reported by USA Today, and it is story reminiscent of how the logging industry, subject to similar government policies … Continue reading

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Nonprofit World Grows

In what would seem, at first glance, that a down economy would stifle the start of new nonprofit organizations that have to depend on the generosity of others for their success, is apparently not true, as this story from St. … Continue reading

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Evolving Philanthropy

As we’ve noted in a recent press release, the central strategy of creating a Joint Powers Authority (JPA) for the Parkway, would be for the JPA to initiate the subsequent creation of a nonprofit organization to provide daily management and … Continue reading

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Tribal vs Government Forest Management

This news piece looks at tribal management as opposed to public management, of side-by-side forests, and the results are in, tribes win. The full report (32 pages) is here. An excerpt from the news piece. “In this policy series, Alison … Continue reading

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Tragedy Upon Tragedy

As reported by the Sacramento Bee, that of the death of a homeless man apparently beloved by many, and that of the communities surrounding that portion of the American River Parkway who have long lost the ability to safely recreate … Continue reading

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Budget Deal & Parks

According to this story from the Los Angeles Times, it appears the deal will pull money from local governments that are now used to help parks, among others, so we will have to wait for the details, but it probably … Continue reading

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Will on Climate Change

In his singular way, George F. Will notes the current climate change push. An excerpt. “Unfortunately, China’s president had to dash home to suppress ethnic riots. Had he stayed in Italy at the recent Group of Eight summit, he could … Continue reading

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Shoehorn Parks

A wonderful concept is shoehorning parks into areas in urban environments that one normally does not associate with parks, but it is being done with style, as this article from The Trust for Public Land notes. An excerpt from the … Continue reading

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Ozone Holes & Climate Change

As this Washington Post article explains, what we thought would work to solve one problem—which it seems to have done—has made another worse; which should remind us to be very careful playing around with something as large, as complicated (and … Continue reading

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