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Climate Change Modeling Tools

The tools used to determine climate change by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change were recently applied to a previous warming period, and the results indicate we may, wisely, step back from basing too many major policy decisions—especially … Continue reading

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Tent City in Sacramento

While certainly understanding and agreeing with the idea that those who are struggling to remove themselves from being homeless need the help of the community—an issue we addressed by offering one solution (tailored for Sacramento) that is working in other … Continue reading

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The Industrial City

Though the creative cities approach to urban planning has become the rage, and deservedly so—there is still a foundational role to be played by manufacturing, and this article from New Geography looks at that role. An excerpt. “Yet to remain … Continue reading

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Kevin Starr on California

The great historian and one of the most astute observers of our fair state was interviewed recently by Capital Public Radio, as their press release notes. An excerpt. “Aired 8/14/2009 on All Things Considered “(Sacramento, CA) “State lawmakers face some … Continue reading

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Water, Water, Everywhere, Except…

to the farms that need it. 80%—95% in the Sierras—of normal rainfall is usually not considered a drought, but federal regulations from the Endangered Species Act have determined otherwise, as this article from the Wall Street Journal notes. An excerpt. … Continue reading

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Parkway Rangers Report

The monthly rangers report is available at the Sacramento County Parks webpage, and includes 3 deaths, a sexual battery and an indecent exposure, assault and battery, many car breakins and assorted thefts. Be careful out there!

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In the environmental arena where the growing demand for energy results in public leadership examining the trade-offs certain strategies present, it is difficult when the energy creation strategy environmentalists accept, needs a energy delivery technology they (along with land-owners in … Continue reading

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Parks & Funding

As government and the private sector struggle out of the recession there are many valuable strategies to be examined that can be of significant help in relation to our parks. For sustaining signature parks like the American River Parkway, the … Continue reading

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Salmon Fishing

We are very fortunate to live in an area where some of the best fishing in the world is just a few hours away, as reported in this article from the Sacramento Bee, and though our local salmon fishing is … Continue reading

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Tent Cities

During tough economic times it is hard to be properly discerning about the stories connected to homelessness and the need for tent cities, as it may well be that many of the homeless are so as a result of the … Continue reading

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