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Ken Burns Knows America

He has a new series on our national parks, as reported by the Washington Times, I’ve only seen part of one episode so far, but based on that, and the consistency of his past productions, this should be a great … Continue reading

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Registered Sex Offenders Illegally Camping

It seems the issue of registered sex offenders illegally camping out near communities—though our local media haven’t yet covered those camping out in the Parkway we posted on recently—is also an issue in Georgia, as this article from the Washington … Continue reading

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Salmon Return Big at Bonneville

Once again, nature defines our best-laid plans to predict what happens out there, as this article notes. An excerpt, “A mystery that began in the spring has resumed this fall in the Columbia River. “In mid-June, when the counting at … Continue reading

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Global Warming Proof in Five Years?

According to this story in the New York Times, if the current ten year trend of temperature stabilization—with some cooling—continues for another five years, the odds of the accuracy of models being used to predict global warming will drop significantly. … Continue reading

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Improve Parkway Environment & Reduce Crime

For several years criminal justice professionals have realized that improving the user friendly environment of an area reduces crime. The tactic has become formalized and one international association provides resources. The majority of crimes on the Parkway happen in the … Continue reading

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Global Warming, Doing Nothing?

Sometimes it is better to do nothing, and as the scientific opinions regarding global warming vary so widely, the costs to address it so exorbitant, and the unwillingness of the major polluting countries like China and India to do much … Continue reading

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Father of Parkway

William Pond, a wonderful public servant who accomplished great things for our region has died and his obituary in the Sacramento Bee is very moving. Our condolences to his family. An excerpt. “If the American River Parkway is the crown … Continue reading

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Tent City Site Close to Parkway?

As the campground on the city lot closes, the other site being discussed for a legal tent city—if the city chooses, tragically, to go that route—is closer to the Parkway, ensuring the continued degradation and increasing the already unsafe conditions … Continue reading

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Camp Closed, Homeless Return to Parkway

Which is the bottom line of this story from the Sacramento Bee, that the ongoing preferred camping site for illegal camping by the homeless is the American River Parkway, and it has virtually ruined the lower third of the Parkway … Continue reading

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Sacramento’s Tent City

This Sunday column from the Sacramento Bee on the homelessness situation in Sacramento seems pretty close to what is apparently happening, and that would be a sad day for the continued lack of public safety in the Lower Reach region … Continue reading

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