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Tent City Site Close to Parkway?

As the campground on the city lot closes, the other site being discussed for a legal tent city—if the city chooses, tragically, to go that route—is closer to the Parkway, ensuring the continued degradation and increasing the already unsafe conditions … Continue reading

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Camp Closed, Homeless Return to Parkway

Which is the bottom line of this story from the Sacramento Bee, that the ongoing preferred camping site for illegal camping by the homeless is the American River Parkway, and it has virtually ruined the lower third of the Parkway … Continue reading

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Sacramento’s Tent City

This Sunday column from the Sacramento Bee on the homelessness situation in Sacramento seems pretty close to what is apparently happening, and that would be a sad day for the continued lack of public safety in the Lower Reach region … Continue reading

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Parkway Crime

The latest criminal attack in the American River Parkway in the Lower Reach area, as reported in the Sacramento Bee, reminds us once again, that without vigorous enforcement of the illegal camping ordinance and the corresponding broken windows policing approach … Continue reading

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Working Together

Any major efforts from the science community to tackle social problems on a commensurate scale will require the collaboration of many scientific disciplines, which already happens in many areas, NASA being one. This approach from the National Research Council looks … Continue reading

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Homeless Camping

The concept of creating legal campgrounds for the homeless often creates serious problems for the community adjacent to the designated camping areas, and the local problems allegedly suffered by the family next door to the campground (whose legality is yet … Continue reading

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City Parks

A nice article about the infusion of funds into city parks over the past several years, and with the potential for the American Rive Parkway, which can be both city and suburban park, the ideas for revitalizing it from several … Continue reading

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