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Cooling the Planet

Technology is a wonderful thing, the product of human creativity and determination, and in no place does it spring forth more freely than from democratic and capitalistic countries. This innovation, reported by the Wall Street Journal, is an example. An … Continue reading

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Technology Works, Except When it Doesn’t

In determining the immensely complicated aspects of life, such as the brain, and global temperatures over hundreds of years, we should always retain a bit of skepticism when the results seem to confound common sense, as this article from Science … Continue reading

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Global Cooling?

As the wheels come off the fudged, suppressed, and manipulated global warming themed research, other research indicates another trend, as reported by Investors Business Daily. An excerpt. “Climate Change: A peer-reviewed study by a respected Canadian physicist blames the interplay … Continue reading

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Sacramento Flood Status

In this article from the Sacramento Bee rightfully lauding the increase in our flood protection resulting from witnessing what happened in New Orleans, what is neglected is the fact that Sacramento has only increased our protection to 200 year protection—from … Continue reading

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Sacramento & Suburbs

Sacramento is a city that is primarily suburban with almost all of its housing being attached or detached rather than multi-housing, and in this article from New Geography, reporting on recent research from Australia regarding greenhouse gas emissions, the suburbs … Continue reading

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ARPPS Letter Published in Bee Today

Safety is a parkway priority Re “Parkway values clash in Folsom” (Editorials, Dec. 21): We have long held that there needs to be more safe access to the parkway for the frail elderly and disabled. The proposed project in Folsom … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

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Supressing Science

In this article from the Wall Street Journal, the sad consequences on public policy when science is supressed are examined. An excerpt. “Few people understand the real significance of Climategate, the now-famous hacking of emails from the University of East … Continue reading

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Water, Water Everywhere, But…

Strong voices are being raised in the farm country of our beloved state who understand the need for water to continue helping feed the world. An excerpt from the Manteca Bulletin. “They huff and they puff over global warming, the … Continue reading

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Real Climate Change

Our climate has been changing ever since the beginning of earth and the record of it’s swings and perambulations—along with some extra-terrestrial causes—is a revealing one to keep in mind as those with an agenda of bringing government more fully … Continue reading

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