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New Earthquake Fault Map

The new map, as reported by the Los Angeles Times, includes data on new faults. An excerpt. “More than 50 new surface earthquake faults have been discovered in California over the last two decades, according to a new state map … Continue reading

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Green Myths II

Many perambulations from Climategate and other revelatory stories about environmentalism continue to unravel the narrative, and another book, Power Hungry: The Myths of “Green” Energy and the Real Fuels of the Future—by the author of the article we posted on … Continue reading

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Homeless Transformation

A huge new homeless transformation center—Haven for Hope—has opened in San Antonio that doubles down on the service-based approach to helping change the homeless; though individual actions driven by individual choice—which marks the majority of the homeless—usually takes individual interior … Continue reading

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Green Myths I

From the Washington Post. An excerpt. “Americans are being inundated with claims about renewable and alternative energy. Advocates for these technologies say that if we jettison fossil fuels, we’ll breathe easier, stop global warming and revolutionize our economy. Yes, “green” … Continue reading

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K Street Update 5,113

Cars coming back? The Sacramento Bee reports that may be so. An excerpt. “Slowly, ever so slowly, Sacramento is edging toward allowing cars back on the K Street Mall downtown. “The City Council on Tuesday will consider freeing up $2.7 … Continue reading

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Zoo on the River

The plan to move the Sacramento Zoo to a site along the American River consultants say is too expensive is the best plan and those involved in the issue need to rework their strategy and find a way to make … Continue reading

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Nuclear Energy is the Answer

This article from City Journal reports on the conversion of one environmentalist who formerly did not, but now believes in using nuclear power. An excerpt. “Consider Stewart Brand’s meaty, well-informed, and mostly sensible new book, Whole Earth Discipline: An Ecopragmatist … Continue reading

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Earth Day: Two Remembrances

Earth Day was celebrated yesterday and this story from the Sacramento Bee reports what has happened since. An excerpt. “Forty years ago today, Earth Day exploded into our American lexicon with a new brand of do-it-yourself environmentalism. Billed as “the … Continue reading

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Fast Cities

Fast Company publishes a list of the fast cities every year and this year’s group fulfills their ongoing benchmark for innovation. Though Sacramento didn’t make the list, two California cities did—San Francisco and Oakland—and San Francisco’s idea is Open Source … Continue reading

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K Street Update #4,150

As reported by the Sacramento Press, it is now bike friendly, so keep a watch out when walking down there. An excerpt. “From now on, Doug Koleada will be a law-abiding citizen when he rides his bicycle on the K … Continue reading

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