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Auburn Dam

There were two letters published in the Sacramento Bee recently about the Auburn Dam, one against—with the same old arguments that have been long laid to rest as no longer applicable—and one for. Our organization supports the Auburn Dam and … Continue reading

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Katrina, Five Years Later

Even with $15 billion dollars of work, the city is still vulnerable to a major storm. Experts feel it needs another $70 billion to be protected at the 500 year level called for due to its below sea level location … Continue reading

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Managing County Parks

As this editorial from the Sacramento Bee reports, the management has been bad, and piece after piece of the regional parks are slipping into complete failure. The efforts by private and nonprofit organizations to step in and partner with the … Continue reading

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Parkway Ranch

An excellent use of a part of the Parkway is the recent addition of Soil Born Farms at the site of the historic American River Ranch. They also conduct seminars, as reported in the Sacramento Press. An excerpt. “A sold-out … Continue reading

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Green Wind

The clamor for alternative forms of energy continues to wreck havoc with economies and individual pocketbooks pay the ultimate price. The story of one power source not able to live up to its billing is noted by the Wall Street … Continue reading

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Sacramento Still Flood Prone

In this editorial from the Sacramento Bee, what is missing is the fact that Sacramento is the most flood endangered of any city in the country near major rivers, as noted in previous posts—here and here—and while we are heartened … Continue reading

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Gibson Ranch Park

It is hard to know what is really going on from this article in the Sacramento Bee , but what we do know from the history of County Park’s general management, is that they have been mismanaging the public’s park … Continue reading

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The outright selling of public assets to private enterprises can work out wonderfully for all involved, and could also be a disastrous public strategy hurting the common good, as this article from the Wall Street Journal notes. An excerpt. “Cities … Continue reading

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Parks & Development

One of the questions that is unfortunately over-looked in this series on state parks from the Sacramento Bee is; is the common good better served through development on some open space or keeping it within a state park system that … Continue reading

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Homelessness Perpetuation

One of the most difficult decisions the leadership of homeless service organizations make—often unconsciously—is choosing between perpetuation or transformation, and, unfortunately, all too many choose perpetuation; the choice marking the concentration of homeless services in the Richards Boulevard/Twelfth Street area … Continue reading

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