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The Golden Necklace

Today’s story from the Sacramento Bee reports on another link in the Golden Necklace we envision reaching from downtown Sacramento—Gateway to the Gold Fields—to Coloma where gold was discovered. We wrote about this in our 2007 report The American River … Continue reading

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Privatizing Gibson Park & Other News

As this story in today’s Sacramento Bee notes, the only proposal submitted to take over Gibson Park would privatize it, and if that works to keep this beloved park open to the public, that is very good news. The grassroots … Continue reading

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Planet Medication

In this article from American Scholar—though beginning from the possibly incorrect assumption that global warming is human caused and can be human corrected—the information about the various forms of geoengineering that are being discussed is very interesting, and very alarming. … Continue reading

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The Mayor and the Homeless

The homeless issue and the ongoing practice of camping illegally in the Lower Reach of the Parkway—from Discovery Park to Cal Expo—continues to play a role in local politics, as evidenced by this quote from a recent article in the … Continue reading

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Loving the Suburbs

This article from New Geography provides a wonderful summary of the empowering history of the suburban development movement, which much of the environmentalist movement-inspired planning policy has sought to degrade—with some corrosive success—over the past several decades. An excerpt. “When … Continue reading

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Genetically Engineered Salmon III

Another piece on this new science—though humans have been enhancing their food supply in one way or another for thousands of years—from the Wall Street Journal. An excerpt. “Right now, the government is deciding whether it’s safe for us to … Continue reading

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Our Failing Parks

It is tragic what is happening with our local parks, but by always occupying the last spot or so in the endless queue for funding, they are the first to feel the hit when times are tough. Our strategy for … Continue reading

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Vultures in the Park

A vulture that may be eating the other birds in the park—geese and ducks—so beloved of neighbors, seems to have gathered in Land Park in force, as reported by the Sacramento Bee. An excerpt. “For years, Dan Airola has monitored … Continue reading

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Genetically Engineered Salmon II

As we posted on before: as it has been with human enhanced food for thousands of years, the new science of genetically modified salmon are proving good to eat, though environmentalist groups whose strategic goal is restricting development using the … Continue reading

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Environmentalism as Religion

Is the title of an excellent article from New Atlantis, and it was also a subject we discussed in our 2006 report, beginning on page 19. An excerpt from the New Atlantis article. “Traditional religion is having a tough time … Continue reading

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