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Railyard Development, Update 350

In today’s Sacramento Bee, the lack of a developer able to shepherd the project, is noted, and one hopes that the new ownership considers approaching some of the local developers who have the financing and experience needed to handle this … Continue reading

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Railyards Update 349

The difficulty with getting large public/private projects done in downtown Sacramento continues, as the railyards saga re-enters bizarro land, as reported by the Sacramento Bee. An excerpt. “An Illinois investment company is poised to take control of Sacramento’s downtown railyard … Continue reading

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Not Wikipedia!!

One of my favorite sites, but yes, the global warming propagandists have done their work there also, but now they’ve been caught and booted, as the Wall Street Journal reports. An excerpt. “As the world saw in the Climategate emails … Continue reading

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Budget Cutting & Innovation

As our region’s governments experience the consequences of budget cutting, it is crucial to remember what is the real public issue, which this article from Governing addresses. An excerpt. “Budget cutting requires a unique skill set. Public officials have to … Continue reading

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Marketing Ecosystems

This is another in a series of excellent reports from the Property & Environment Research Center. An excerpt. “When visiting a store, one expects to find useful goods and services such as apples to eat and a refrigerator to keep … Continue reading

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Funding Parks

Raising taxes is not the way to fund parks, though this article from the Sacramento Bee suggests it is. Our post from yesterday about the federal government creating more parks than it can take care of, may also be applicable … Continue reading

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Federal Lands

This article from the National Review makes a great point, with a very revealing map. An excerpt. “Bozeman, Montana — The next Congress should enact a moratorium on land nationalization. The feds should stop fleecing exhausted taxpayers for fresh billions … Continue reading

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