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Happy Thanksgiving!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week and we’ll resume posting on the 29th.

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Homelessness in San Francisco

A model of what can be done right and what has been done terribly wrong, the City by the Bay has a twisted history of dealing with homelessness and the public disorder it has brought to the city streets. That … Continue reading

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The Future & Reason

In times of great uncertainty, words of wisdom are always appreciated and this short excerpt in today’s Wall Street Journal, written in 1953, is timeless. An excerpt. “When I was a younger man, I believed that progress was inevitable—that the … Continue reading

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Illegal Camping in the Parkway

Yesterday we posted our letter about it published in the Bee, headlined with a picture of the Parkway trashing resulting from illegal camping. The organization that has taken the lead in advocating for a focus on public safety and removing … Continue reading

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ARPPS Letter Published

In the Sacramento Bee today. No tent city in parkway Re “Initiative reports progress finding shelter for homeless” (Our Region, Nov. 16): The article reports that the creation of a tent city is probably going to be included in Sacramento’s … Continue reading

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California’s Green Lobby

Another in a long list of uncomfortable stories for Californians to read about the results of the midterm elections comes from the Wall Street Journal. An excerpt. “California officials acknowledged last Thursday that the state faces $20 billion deficits every … Continue reading

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California Dreaming

There will be a lot of sharp comments—like those in this article from New Geography—as a result of the midterm elections. An excerpt. “In the future, historians may likely mark the 2010 midterm elections as the end of the California … Continue reading

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Press Release: Helping the Homeless

PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release November 15, 2010 Sacramento, California AMERICAN RIVER PARKWAY PRESERVATION SOCIETY (ARPPS)HELPING THE HOMELESS The homeless issue is a Parkway issue as the Lower Reach of the Parkway—Discovery Park to Cal Expo—has been the de jure … Continue reading

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Salmon Return

In tune with the natural cycles of wet years and dry years, this is a good year for the salmon, which is very good news, as reported by the Sacramento Bee. An excerpt. “Salmon are returning to Central Valley rivers … Continue reading

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City Expansion: Good Discussion to Have

With the failure of the recent incorporation of Arden Arcade, further discussion about bringing under-served residents into the service area of the city of Sacramento, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, makes good sense. An excerpt. “Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson … Continue reading

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