Parkway Illegal Campers

An excellent article in the Sacramento Press with a comments section also well worth the read.

An excerpt.

“Park rangers will be citing campers on the American River Parkway Thursday after a 48-hour notice ordering the homeless population to stop illegal camping expires, weather permitting.

“We have to enforce the law,” said Zeke Holst, Sacramento County Regional Parks spokesman. The notice was posted Tuesday at around 11 a.m. “It’s illegal to camp in the parkway, and it’s our job to enforce the law.”

“If it is raining heavily, Holst said rangers will hold off until a clear day.

“If it remains clear, Holst said rangers will approach campers in the parkway on Thursday and issue $115 citations to those who refuse to leave as well as confiscate and hold camping gear and other belongings.

“Campers who comply will be able to take their belongings with them, Holst said.

“When property is confiscated, the owners will be able to recover it free of charge by following directions on a receipt they will be given, said Steve Flannery, chief ranger.

“Belongings can be recovered quickly, he added.

“We want to give their property back to them, because there’s a good chance they need (it) right away,” Flannery said.

“Camping has been taking place for quite some time in the parkway, Holst said, but he added that there is currently a large group of more than 60 people camping together.

“There is certainly a sanitation concern because of the waste and the associated garbage and trash that accumulates there,” he said.

“That garbage accumulation, along with other issues including damage to trees and safety concerns, had outraged advocates for the American River Parkway, as detailed here.”

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