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Creative Cities Interview

The series of books by Professor Richard Florida about the allure of creative cities to creative types is very thought provoking (I own and enjoy all of them) and this interview with him from Fast Company is also. An excerpt. … Continue reading

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Public Pensions

In much of the discussion around the shortage of public funds for public service, much of the blame is laid at the feet of public pensions, but this article from The Weekly Standard reveals another case. An excerpt. “In March … Continue reading

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Environmentalism’s Future

It is evident in Germany—which has embraced “Green” at a level beyond other major industrialized countries—where the results are starting to be questioned, and not looking too good, in fact some are downright bad, very bad, as this article from … Continue reading

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78% of Water Wasted

Wasted by flowing to the ocean rather than being stored, which is a sad statement on our water policy from this article in the Sacramento Bee, and it is because we do not have the dams to capture the water … Continue reading

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Parks Confusion

Confusing the future (park innovation) with the past (park stagnation) the Sacramento Bee editorial today misreads the good that occurred this week when Gibson Ranch Park was allowed to reopen after a lease was approved with a forprofit organization led … Continue reading

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California Demographics

They show a changing of the reality than we have been used to over the past several decades, and that is a very good thing in a world where growth defines prosperity, as this article from Forbes Magazine reports. An … Continue reading

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Gibson Ranch to Open!

A great outcome in this innovative way to provide for Gibson Ranch Park and perhaps a way forward for the other parks in our region suffering from lack of funding and dedicated management. Congratulations to all involved: Doug Ose for … Continue reading

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