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Gibson Ranch Needs to Open

Though the vote was delayed until today, as reported by this article in the Sacramento Bee, the most important thing to remember about this whole process is that the communities adjacent to Gibson Ranch want their park back and Doug … Continue reading

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Population Growth & Utilities

This Harvard Business School conference looked at the needs a few decades down the road, and the option of public/private partnerships was central. An excerpt. “By 2050, the Earth’s population will likely exceed 9 billion people, up 30 percent from … Continue reading

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Tent City

Our organization does not have an organizational opinion on the tent city concept in general, except for the obvious one, that society should not reward choices individuals make which lead to public behavior it deems problematic, as that will encourage … Continue reading

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Sacramento’s Flood Prevention Strategy

Writing as someone who lives in the flood zone, I hope the efforts of those who manage Sacramento’s flood protection tools are successful through this very wet period, as reported in today’s Sacramento Bee; but the over-all strategy has been … Continue reading

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PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release March 18, 2011 Sacramento, California AMERICAN RIVER PARKWAY PRESERVATION SOCIETY (ARPPS) ANNOUNCES 2011 SLOBE PARKWAY ADVOCATE AWARD RECIPIENT Supervisor Phil Serna The award was presented to Phil during the North Sacramento Chamber of Commerce luncheon … Continue reading

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Environmentalism as a Religion

Because the roots of the modern environmental movement, which has caused so much economic destruction, are in California, so well written about by Alston Chase in his seminal books Playing God in Yellowstone and In a Dark Wood—it is helpful … Continue reading

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Didion and Water

Sacramento native Joan Didion loves water and the technology surrounding it. In the essay Holy Water, from her marvelous 1979 book I just re-purchased, having given away or lost my original copy years ago, The White Album, she writes about … Continue reading

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