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Auburn Dam, Correcting the Misinformation

Which is exactly what this superb letter in the Chico News & Review does. In its entirety. “Safe flood protection “Re “Too dammed expensive” (Editorial, April 14): “Your editorial contends a water-storage Auburn Dam would cost too much and sit … Continue reading

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Safe Ground

As reported by Sacramento Press, it would appear that the safe ground concept is slowly losing credibility with local public leadership. An excerpt. “Should a group of homeless people be allowed to camp together in Sacramento without outside monitoring? “Safe … Continue reading

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Economics & Environmentalism

A very nice reflection from the Action Institute. An excerpt. “Far from damaging brains and killing seals, applying basic economics to the environment preserves it. “The industrial revolution that began about 200 years ago has changed humanity’s relation to, and … Continue reading

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California’s Global Warming Act

AB 32, the environmental movement’s measure wildly promoted in our beloved state—to her great harm many of us suspect—is examined in this article from the Hoover Institution. An excerpt. “In 2006, the California Legislature enacted AB 32, the Global Warming … Continue reading

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Helping the Homeless

The kernel of good that can be found in this tragic story, as reported by the Sacramento Bee April 24th, of the homeless man reunited with his daughter after 35 years, who recently died, is that he was reunited before … Continue reading

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Government & Nonprofits

As the Fresno Bee reports, the policy of asking nonprofits to take over certain aspects of local government functions and facilities, is growing, and that is a very good thing. Instead of completely relying on the coercive tax base of … Continue reading

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Salmon Season in Sacramento

It will be a very good year, as the Sacramento Bee reports. An excerpt. “Tackle shops are restocking custom lures, guides are booking trips, and anglers are getting ready: Salmon are coming back to the Sacramento Valley. “It has been … Continue reading

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The Unraveling Environmental Movement, II

And it continues, as this article from the Acton Institute notes. An excerpt. “At a World Council of Churches conference last year on the French-Swiss border, much was made of the “likelihood of mass population displacement” driven by climate change … Continue reading

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The Unraveling Environmental Movement

As this article from the Guardian notes, it continues. An excerpt. “Over the last fortnight I’ve made a deeply troubling discovery. The anti-nuclear movement to which I once belonged has misled the world about the impacts of radiation on human … Continue reading

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Helping the Homeless in Philadelphia

As Sacramento struggles to shape an effective method of helping the homeless—and I define helping as helping people to help themselves rather than the method Sacramento’s largest homeless service providers have adopted of providing non means tested domestic services which … Continue reading

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