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An Oilman’s Perspective

A refreshing analysis, built upon facts rather than theories, which is all too rare these days within the energy debate—which, as gasoline prices streak upward, is impeding our economy’s chances of full recovery—is expressed in this article from the Wall … Continue reading

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McClintock on Auburn Dam

A strong statement—published by the Sacramento Bee—taking them to task for their misleading editorial of April 6th. One objection the dam opposition has been using lately is that Auburn Dam cost too much, but using cost as an argument for … Continue reading

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Sheriff Shoots Illegal Camper’s Charging Pit Bull

In this incident near the Parkway, as reported in the Sacramento Bee, we are reminded, its not safe out there. An excerpt. “A Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputy shot a pit bull that was charging at him this morning near a … Continue reading

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Good Salmon Season

Reflecting the great rainfall and snowpack this year, this salmon season will be a good one, as reported by the Contra Costa Times. An excerpt. “Regulators set guidelines Wednesday for the most generous Chinook salmon season fishermen have enjoyed in … Continue reading

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Homeless in Sacramento, Two Views

A recent article in the Sacramento Bee and another from 2008 in the Sacramento News & Review offer very contrasting pictures. 1) An excerpt from the Sacramento Bee article. “Garbage and recycling trucks maneuvered haltingly up 38th Street in east … Continue reading

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Water, Sacramento History & Auburn Dam Debate

The most comprehensive history of the water issue in our community—including an outstanding collection of photographs of all the great floods that have struck Sacramento as well as an excellent debate about Auburn Dam—is contained in the Sacramento County Historical … Continue reading

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Homeless Tent City/Shelter

In this article from the Sacramento Bee, questions arise as to where Sacramento can place its “permanent” homeless tent city/shelter. Some ask for it to be near the American River Parkway, which would be disastrous; continuing the habitat destruction, pollution, … Continue reading

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State Funding Problems

We’ve been hearing about it for a long time with little being offered in the way of solutions, so it keeps getting worse. California, as we all well know, is in worst shape than almost anyone, with Illinois not far … Continue reading

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Dam Protesters

The title of this article in the Sacramento Bee “Dams seem like a simple idea, but are harder to plan and build” raises the question, why? The article, congruent with the media’s normative aversion to dams and their historical support … Continue reading

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Wasted Water

It is a shame to see the amount of water being wasted, as Dan Walters writes in his Sacramento Bee column, when a more strategic California water policy could be saving it, as we posted before, dams are the solution; … Continue reading

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