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Water Storage/Water Shortage

At some point, editorial writers, including those writing for the Sacramento Bee, will wake up to the fact that there isn’t a water shortage problem—Northern California produces plenty of water—but a water storage problem. Fortunately, some public leaders, like Congressman … Continue reading

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California Nightmare

It continues, as this article from New Geography notes. An excerpt. “Ideas matter, particularly when colored by religious fanaticism, wreaking havoc even in the most favored of places. Take, for instance, Iran, a country blessed with a rich heritage and … Continue reading

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High Speed Rail

It makes great sense for California and will enable people to travel the long commute from the southland to the Bay Area and Sacramento in record time, adding another option along with flying and the long drive. The rationale for … Continue reading

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River Warning

As reported by the Sacramento Bee yesterday. An excerpt. “With sunshine and temperatures in the 80s forecast for this weekend, the Sacramento region’s rivers and waterways beckon. “But public safety officials recommend steering clear of the water, particularly the rivers, … Continue reading

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California Competitive

Great article in the Wall Street Journal’s book review about the methods to increase competitiveness—and the economy—in California and America. An excerpt. “The prophets of American decline are on the march in numbers not seen since the days of Jimmy … Continue reading

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K Street Drama: Act 2399

The problems with the Westfield Mall anchor to K Street is a reflection of the problems with K Street, and this latest angst-ridden lack-of-causation (it’s unsafe and unsightly) article from the Sacramento Bee keeps their normative anti-business-society’s-fault narrative going. An … Continue reading

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Tax Increase for Parks is a Bad Idea

The Sacramento Bee continues to tout this as the solution to County Park’s problems, in the Sunday editorial and an article from Saturday. Fortunately, the County Board of Supervisors has turned one park over to a forprofit—Gibson Ranch—and another facility … Continue reading

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Working Together

We agree with the concept expressed in this recent editorial from the Sacramento Bee, that local governments, working together, can resolve some of the current funding issues impacting valuable public works. Though the editorial focused on animal shelters, it is … Continue reading

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County Parks Director Resigns

As reported in the Sacramento Bee. An excerpt. “Sacramento County’s regional parks director announced her resignation Tuesday in an email to employees that expressed displeasure with the county’s recent handling of her agency, which has had its budget repeatedly cut. … Continue reading

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Parkway Murder Announcement

From the Sacramento Bee. “A man was found stabbed to death along the American River Parkway late last night, Sacramento police said. “The man, only described as being in his 30s, was found in an area frequented by the homeless … Continue reading

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