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Suburbs Rule

Urbanists continue to tout the narrative that the suburbs are dying, while reality continues to intrude, as this article from New Geography reports. An excerpt. “For well over a decade urban boosters have heralded the shift among young Americans from … Continue reading

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Supervisor’s Park Tax Increase

I watched the entire hearing on the tax increase proposal last Tuesday and contrary to this story in the Sacramento Bee, all the Supervisors agreed to was to ask staff to draft language which they could discuss and vote on … Continue reading

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The River & Alcohol

Our organization was against the American River Parkway holiday alcohol ban when it was proposed, on the basis that the rowdy behavior of a few was being held against the moderate behavior of the many, and this recent article in … Continue reading

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Ditch Proposal

By the time this article from the Sacramento Bee of July 19th is posted one hopes the proposal to set up another parks bureaucracy and raise taxes to fund it, has been withdrawn. It wasn’t. The board instructed staff to … Continue reading

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Parks Innovation by Ose

What Doug Ose has been able to accomplish at Gibson Ranch Park is exactly the type of innovation needed to be part of any discussion around other regional parks, including the American River Parkway. His article from last year in … Continue reading

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River Bridges

As a major two-river city, Sacramento is woefully lacking in bridges, and while this editorial from the Sacramento Bee is focused on bridges over the Sacramento River—which are sorely needed—there is also a need for more bridges over the American. … Continue reading

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Local Governments, Parks, & Taxes

We referenced this article from City Journal yesterday and the issues it raises are crucial to understand regarding the move by many—including Sacramento—to increase taxes to pay for those services, including parks, which have literally been pushed out due to … Continue reading

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Park Tax Increase Support Perplexing

I am always somewhat perplexed when a private enterprise, which I assume the Sacramento Bee still is, insist the only answer to helping parks is more taxes rather than exploring other options, like the public/private partnerships which have been done … Continue reading

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Sunflower Valley

I did not know we were at the world center of sunflower growing, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, and how cool is that! Sunflower seeds are the primary food we feed the wild birds and squirrels that visit us … Continue reading

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Fish Farming

It is the wave of the future and but another sign of human technology improving natural resources, putting more—and improved—fish on the table and compensating for species-in-the-wild depletion from commercial fishing, as reported by the San Diego Union-Tribune. An excerpt. … Continue reading

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