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Park Tax Increase Support Perplexing

I am always somewhat perplexed when a private enterprise, which I assume the Sacramento Bee still is, insist the only answer to helping parks is more taxes rather than exploring other options, like the public/private partnerships which have been done … Continue reading

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Sunflower Valley

I did not know we were at the world center of sunflower growing, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, and how cool is that! Sunflower seeds are the primary food we feed the wild birds and squirrels that visit us … Continue reading

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Fish Farming

It is the wave of the future and but another sign of human technology improving natural resources, putting more—and improved—fish on the table and compensating for species-in-the-wild depletion from commercial fishing, as reported by the San Diego Union-Tribune. An excerpt. … Continue reading

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Sacramento Flooding

Sacramento is easily the most flood prone major river city in the country, but, had the initial plans to build Shasta Dam to its originally engineered height (as reported by the Los Angeles Times) and build Auburn Dam (which Congressman … Continue reading

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Sacramento Ranking Higher than San Francisco

That’s what this article from New Geography says, ranking the next future boom towns, with Sacramento coming in at 29th and San Francisco at 42nd and San Jose at 45th , very cool. An excerpt. “What cities are best positioned … Continue reading

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Funding for Parks

Volunteers and nonprofit groups able to tap into philanthropic funding, is exactly the type of approach signature parks facing funding problems, like Land Park, can do, and they are taking the appropriate steps, as reported in the Sacramento Bee. An … Continue reading

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Levees & Trees

We recently posted on this, and, in an excellent article from the Sacramento Bee, by UCD Environmental Engineering Professor Jay Lund, the case is presented with balance and insight. An excerpt. “The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ decision to enforce … Continue reading

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