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Oil Drill/Spill Response

While not knowing many of the details surrounding the issue of oil spill response, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, it is clearly crucial that California maintain an ability to respond effectively to any oil spill along our shoreline. And, … Continue reading

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Yes, Tax Increases as a Default Solution

Which is the answer to the question the Sacramento Bee editorial poses “is anything sadder than padlocked pools”. The other answer presented by the editorial, to give money to the government nonprofit, doesn’t work so well since people have became … Continue reading

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Public/Private Partnerships

We believe strongly in the efficient governing of public lands and waters, as expressed in this editorial in the Sacramento Bee; but rather than defaulting to government solutions, efficient governing can also be obtained by partnering with business, as we … Continue reading

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Golden Necklace Connection

One of the projects our organization supports is the eventual construction of a trail system connecting the site of the birth of the gold rush at Coloma to Sacramento, the gateway to the gold fields. We call this trail project … Continue reading

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Government & Business

This article from the San Francisco Chronicle about the problems California has in collecting fees from business for using government land highlights the apparently inherent difficulty government—at least in our state—has dealing effectively with business at all. While this is … Continue reading

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Green Jobs, In the Red

The much hyped green jobs tsunami that was going to sweep the country has—so far anyway—been a real bust, as the Heritage Foundation reports. An excerpt, with links at the jump. “President Barack Obama has a problem on his hands … Continue reading

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Hatchery Trout Stolen

Security probably needs to be beefed up, as this report from the Fresno Bee on the theft of about 1,000 trout indicates. An excerpt. “Somewhere in California, someone has a truckload of stolen merchandise that probably is starting to stink. … Continue reading

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A Great Question!

It is asked—and answered well—in this article from American Thinker: Has Progressivism Ruined Environmental Science?. An excerpt. “In my thirty years of work in the science arena, as a government scientist, an industry consultant, and an academician, I have witnessed … Continue reading

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Sky Is Falling, Not!

In a reminder that technological innovation has grown to match increasing population, versus the claim that increasing population is destroying civilization, note this article from the Los Angeles Times. An excerpt. “Mary Ellen Harte and Anne Ehrlich write, “Unsustainable population … Continue reading

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Flood Control Strategy

A sobering account of it in this article from American Thinker concerning the recent flooding in the Midwest, where environmentalism—once again—appears to trump public safety. An excerpt. “As late as April of 2011, the Water Management Chief for the Corps … Continue reading

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