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Suburbs Dying? Not!

On a regular basis someone or other tries to make that case and the latest, in an article in The Atlantic magazine, is ably checkmated by New Geography. Our organization has always loved the suburbs—which surround the American River Parkway, … Continue reading

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Sacramento River Trail

As part of a regional trail system expanding upon that already existing along the American River, we envision in our 2007 report, The American River Parkway, Governance, Ecoregionalism, & Heritage, A Vision & Policy Primer (pp.17-29), the trail extending north … Continue reading

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ARPPS Letter Published in Bee Today

Donors can rescue parks Re “Private donors’ role in parks rises” (Capitol & California, Sept. 27): The nationwide trend of nonprofits helping parks is one that needs application in Sacramento, especially with our signature park, the American River Parkway. We … Continue reading

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Parkway Vicinity Murder Announcement

Sacramento Bee, September 19, 2011 “Victim shot near bike trail now a homicide “A man who was shot near the American River bike trail on Saturday [September 17th] died a day later, according to the Sacramento County coroner’s office. “Ahmed … Continue reading

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Don’t Build on Parkway

We agree with this assessment of plans to build a major new office building near the Parkway in this Sacramento Bee editorial, as the suggested alternatives do not impact the Parkway viewshed and traffic as the Parkway location would. The … Continue reading

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Court Reprimands Government Scientists

In an extraordinary rebuke, a judge in the smelt vs water trial takes scientists from the Department of Interior to task, reported in this article from the New York Times, a must read in the slow unraveling of the environmentalist … Continue reading

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Natural World is Complicated

And though many of our efforts to improve it have been successful, the environmental movement’s efforts—since they accomplished cleaning up our water and air—have slowly become much more of a problem than a solution, as this article from the Sacramento … Continue reading

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Equity, Economy, Efficiency

They are the three pillars of good public administration—also described as fairness, thrift, and competency—which are necessary for it to be good in practice, and this article from the Miami Herald reports on one community’s attempt to ensure it does. … Continue reading

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Suburban Dreams

Sacramento is a suburban region, whether from the older suburbs like the Fab Forties, Woodlake, & Oak Park to the newer like Sierra Oaks, Fair Oaks, Carmichael, Rancho Cordova, Gold River, & Citrus Heights, we are a suburban region, a … Continue reading

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Building a Park

This is a wonderful story from the Sacramento Bee of how a neighborhood, building upon a fortuitous infusion of tax payer supported grant funding, has been able to help create a new park. Hopefully, given the dire situation with funds … Continue reading

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