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California Regulations

It is given as one of the major reasons businesses choose not to move here and for those already here, consider leaving. The regulatory burden on the small farmer, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, makes the point clearly. An … Continue reading

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Bad Bridges

It is not good news that our area has some of the worst bridges in the country, as reported by the Sacramento Business Journal. An excerpt. “Sacramento has one of the highest percentages of structurally deficient bridges among metro areas … Continue reading

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Sacramento Bee on Gibson Ranch, Wrong Again!

The Sacramento Bee—which inexplicably, does not like Gibson Ranch Park being operated as a forprofit, even though it is now open and being highly utilized by area residents, whereas before it was closed—ran an editorial yesterday, entitled “Back at Gibson … Continue reading

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Taxes & Prices

When you tax business, consumer prices go up, not a good thing, but California has apparently done it anyway, as this article from the California Chamber of Commerce notes. An excerpt. “October 21, 2011) Yesterday the California Air Resources Board … Continue reading

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Safety, Access, Water (SAW)

That is the strategic mantra of our organization’s advocacy work once all of it is refined through the policy sieve. Safety 24/7 enhanced by a much more cultivated and landscaped Parkway to create sight lines helping in the reduction of … Continue reading

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The Golden Necklace Trail

Information about it and a map have been posted to our website. An excerpt, with links at the jump. “The Golden Necklace Trail, (as written about in our 2007 research report, on report page) is envisioned as beginning in Coloma, … Continue reading

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Think Local Management

The argument for local management of local parks—such as the Joint Powers Authority & nonprofit management we advocate for the Parkway—is examined in this article from the Property & Environment Research Center. An excerpt. “Proponents of free market environmentalism do … Continue reading

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