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Sacramento Flooding

The history of our fair city’s flooding is underneath Old Sacramento, as this story from the Los Angeles Times reveals. An excerpt. “Reporting from Sacramento—Old Sacramento creates a convincing picture of life in the Old West. Historic storefronts line lumpy … Continue reading

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Environmentalism as Religion Dying?

That is the inference of this article from the Wall Street Journal and one only hopes it is true. An excerpt. “How do religions die? Generally they don’t, which probably explains why there’s so little literature on the subject. Zoroastrianism, … Continue reading

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Toxic California II

An article, presenting a much more detailed analysis of California’s problems, with some eye-opening graphs, comes from New Geography. An excerpt. “Everybody knows that California’s economy has struggled mightily since the 2008 financial crisis and subsequent recession. The state’s current … Continue reading

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Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend!

Enjoy the weekend with your family, be back blogging on Monday the 28th.

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Toxic California

Once a worldly magnet, but now toxic, our fair state continues struggling with perception and reality, as this article from the Los Angeles Times notes. An excerpt. “Unless Sacramento moves to improve the business climate, California’s reputation as one of … Continue reading

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Government Innovation

Contracting out, privatization, government mistakes: all of this is covered in this informative article from New Geography. An excerpt. “TV network MSNBC’s left-leaning commentator Rachel Maddow has opened herself up to ridicule by the conservative blogsophere over her advert featuring … Continue reading

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Suburban Country

Understanding that Sacramento is a suburban area, the county supervisors just added 20,000 more acres to the suburban land bank, which is very good news, as reported by the Sacramento Bee. An excerpt. “After seven years of discussion and revisions, … Continue reading

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Suburban to Urban

Occasionally someone makes the arguably backward move and, as this writer in the American Spectator reports, may come to regret it. An excerpt. “I’ve been called a lot of things in my day, but never a colonialist. That is, until now. … Continue reading

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K Street Drama, Act 999

I’m sure there must be some logic involved here other than the pallidity of revealing K Street to motorists, but whatever, as reported by the Sacramento News & Review, cars are back on K Street. An excerpt. “Cars are ready … Continue reading

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Broken Windows Policing

Since the concept was put into practice it has proven to be one of the most effective policy tools ever, and it is one we have long advocated be applied to the Parkway’s Lower Reach area—from Discovery Park to Cal … Continue reading

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