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Suburban to Urban

Occasionally someone makes the arguably backward move and, as this writer in the American Spectator reports, may come to regret it. An excerpt. “I’ve been called a lot of things in my day, but never a colonialist. That is, until now. … Continue reading

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K Street Drama, Act 999

I’m sure there must be some logic involved here other than the pallidity of revealing K Street to motorists, but whatever, as reported by the Sacramento News & Review, cars are back on K Street. An excerpt. “Cars are ready … Continue reading

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Broken Windows Policing

Since the concept was put into practice it has proven to be one of the most effective policy tools ever, and it is one we have long advocated be applied to the Parkway’s Lower Reach area—from Discovery Park to Cal … Continue reading

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One of the best analyses of the wide-spread occupying movements is in this article from New Geography.  An excerpt. “Privileged people don’t march and protest; their world is safe and clean and governed by laws designed to keep them happy. … Continue reading

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Our Region’s History

This wonderful article from the Sacramento Bee reminds us of the history still around to visit and view. An excerpt. “A literalist sees history in every patch of ground, developed or not. Every looming building and dusky alcove, every gabled … Continue reading

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Suburbs Still Rule III

 Dan Walter’s column in the Sacramento Bee makes the point historically, about the attractiveness of living downtown for the majority of people—here or in Fresno—real well. An excerpt. “There must be some kind of cosmic, even telepathic, communications link between … Continue reading

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Suburbs Still Rule II

As noted in our post yesterday, and diametrically opposed to the prediction highlighted in the last paragraph of the excerpt below, people overwhelmingly choose to live in the suburbs and that is as true in my beloved home of Sacramento as elsewhere, … Continue reading

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