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Have a Wonderful Holidays and a Happy New Year!

We will be back blogging on Tuesday January 3, 2012.

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Lower Parkway Overrun by Homeless

While this is not news to the adjacent communities in the Lower Reach of the Parkway—from Discovery Park to Cal Expo—it needs reminding for those fortunate not to have their part of the Parkway so overrun. Sacramento City Councilmember Steve … Continue reading

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Parkway Continues Bearing Brunt of Homelessness

As this editorial from the Sacramento Bee reports, a tent city exists—and as North Sacramento knows, has existed—in and around the American River Parkway for years. Local leadership, caught in the opposing viewpoints of services offered based on no effort … Continue reading

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New County Parks Director

As reported by the Sacramento Business Journal. An excerpt. “Sacramento County will have a new parks department director soon. The county Board of Supervisors approved hiring Jeffrey Leatherman as the head of the Regional Parks Department, starting Feb. 12. “He … Continue reading

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Homelessness, Two Local Views, One Solution

Providing a hand-up rather than a hand-out stands as the ancient principle for the advancement of those in dire straits—our organization favors the hand-up approach which we wrote about in our 2005 report, (pp. 25-37). These two perspectives for solving … Continue reading

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‘Smart Growth Advocacy’ Continues Urbanite Pleading

Another report pleading the smart growth case that people prefer living in dense urban cores rather than in the spacious suburbs which are therefore doomed—debunked very nicely by Joel Kotkin—is touted by the Sacramento Bee. An excerpt. “Is Sacramento’s long-standing … Continue reading

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Global Warming

Another conference has ended, with same old results, and this article from the Wall Street Journal puts it into context. An excerpt. “The Durban pit-stop in the endless array of climate summits has just ended, and predictably it reaffirmed the … Continue reading

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Tent City

A large one is growing along the American River, as reported by the Sacramento News & Review yesterday. An excerpt. “Last week, SN&R counted 118 tents at the newly sprouted Tent City west of Highway 160 along the American River. … Continue reading

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Gone to Texas

California used to be the state that did everything right, and the world flocked to our door, but that has changed dramatically over the past several years as California companies continue to leave and far fewer come here in the … Continue reading

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Capitol Mall, Think Big

The strategy advocated in this article in the Sacramento Bee, that the way to think about  redesigning Capitol Mall should be conducted with boldness, it a wise one. Capitol Mall is an approach to our city’s most magnificent and historic building, which deserves … Continue reading

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