Parkway Taxes

One of the reasons we do not support the effort by the Grassroots Working Group (Their current status report here)  to increase taxes to support regional parks—including the American River Parkway—is that it would add another financial burden to taxpayers already very over-burdened.

This article from the Los Angeles Times notes just how heavy that burden is for Californians.

An excerpt.

“California’s combination of business, sales, income and other taxes ranks it close to the bottom of the 50 states for being business-friendly, according to an index put out by a conservative Washington think tank.

“California placed 48th, ahead of only New York at 49th place and New Jersey at 50th, said a report released Wednesday by the Tax Foundation.

“The findings are likely to become an issue in a campaign by California Gov. Jerry Brown to put an initiative on the November ballot to temporarily raise the state sales tax and the individual income tax for people who make over $250,000 a year. Brown wants the money to pay down state debt, boost school spending and balance the budget…

“According to the foundation, the top 10 states with business-friendly taxes were Wyoming, South Dakota, Nevada, Alaska, Florida, New Hampshire, Washington, Montana, Texas and Utah, the report said. Many of them made it to the top tier because they don’t collect a major tax, such as on corporate income.

“Even in our global economy, a state’s stiffest and most direct competition often comes from other states,” said Tax Foundation economist Mark Robyn. “State lawmakers need to be aware of how their states’ business climates match up to their immediate neighbors and to other states in their region.”

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