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Urban/Suburban Planning & Crime

Most of the elements that neo-traditional urban planners—also called “Transit Oriented Design (TOD), New Urbanism, Walkable Communities, Smart Growth and Sustainable Communities”—want to see established and enforced in the Sacramento region, will lead to more crime, as this article from … Continue reading

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World’s Scientists Continue Cooling to Global Warming

And the reason for that is the continuance of articles—and facts—such as this from the Wall Street Journal. An excerpt. “The interest generated by our Wall Street Journal op-ed of Jan. 27, “No Need to Panic about Global Warming,” is … Continue reading

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Mass Transit that Pays for Itself

That is the message—finally—that this article from Governing Magazine largely expresses and it is a long overdue and very welcome one; though the final mention of “treating transportation as a single network rather than considering highways, transit and other modes … Continue reading

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Failing Downtowns

Sacramento’s downtown has been a failure—empty buildings, horrible design elements, unsafe at night, agressive panhandlers and the raging mentally ill by day, and grungy all the time—for decades. So have many downtowns in Florida, the subject of this article from New Geography, … Continue reading

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Restoring Hetch Hetchy

This is such a no-brainer as it will allow one of the most wonderful wilderness valleys in the world to be recovered—though it is worth mentioning that the current lake setting is also magnificent and will be lost—but the water … Continue reading

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High Speed Rail

It is a project of national importance that should be funded by the federal government, just as it funds large dams and other major infrastructure projects that impact the national ability to conduct business, transport its people and protect them … Continue reading

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Helping Parks

In this story from the Sacramento Bee about the grocery chain that has stepped up to keep public swimming pools open, is the larger realization that bringing the private sector—forprofit and nonprofit corporations—into the arena to help with public facilities that … Continue reading

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