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Facts & Ideology

Fortunately, the former is out there to counter the latter, as in this article from the Wall Street Journal on global warming. An excerpt. “During a fundraiser in Atlanta earlier this month, President Obama is reported to have said: “It gets … Continue reading

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Open Public Lands

Daytime use of public lands, such as the American River Parkway, should be unrestricted, without fees or hindrances, for it is the public’s purse which buys and supports it and the public should be able to enjoy its own land … Continue reading

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Suburban Prejudice

The prejudice against suburbs is widespread and ratified regularly, as for example, in a recent editorial in the Sacramento Bee about the future plans for Broadway, where the editorialist writes: “I remember when the thoroughfare barely survived the insult that … Continue reading

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Illegal Camping Court Win?

Illegal camping has a devastating impact on the American River Parkway and a large part of that is the ineffective methods public leadership has chosen to use to respond to it, and this current surrender in a court case is … Continue reading

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Sacramento, Stressed Out City?

I always saw our fair city as pretty laid back, quiet and serene, but apparently not true, according to this reporting from the Sacramento Business Journal. An excerpt. “A recent study ranked Sacramentoas the No. 8 most-stressful city, based on analysis … Continue reading

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Clock Soon Back

Very good news for one long blighted corner of downtown, the great old clock at 10th & J will soon be back onsite, as reported by the Sacramento Bee. An excerpt. “Time is ticking down until the historic clock will … Continue reading

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Misguided Policy May Result in Some Good

By incorrectly clear cutting the trees which helped illegal campers hide in the Parkway rather than getting in there and evicting them, the resulting coming together in shock at what has been done by the clear cutting, with a renewed … Continue reading

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