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Kings Arena, Downtown & the Parkway

The various entities being assembled, as reported by the Sacramento Bee, largely as a result of the work of the mayor (as columnist Marcos Breton correctly and so eloquently notes) to bring the new arena downtown—with the almost certain eventual … Continue reading

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Public Leadership Disaster

By increasing pensions many years ago way beyond the ability of government to pay—as reported by the Sacramento Bee—while remaining within some form of a balanced budget and putting resources, such as the Parkway, in even more desperate funding straits; the … Continue reading

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Parkway Ranger Report

The 2011 report has been posted and it is revealing, showing an increase in total incidents from 2010—529 to 780—mostly attributed to a big increase in illegal camping citations, 29 in 2010, 453 in 2011. The increased focus on illegal … Continue reading

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Transportation in America

As California considers developing a high speed rail service, this article from New Geography on the often depressing incompetency’s of many of the public and private entities responsible for transportation in America, is revealing. An excerpt. “We constantly read about … Continue reading

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A new way of looking at the two disciplines, environmentalism and entrepreneurism, the Property & Environment Research Center has devoted a full issue of their magazine, PERC Reports to it. One particularly interesting article shows how one enviropreneur saves old … Continue reading

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Land Trusts, A Good Thing

This recent article from the American Spectator reports on them, and the book mentioned, Nature’s Keepers, with a link to Amazon (the used hardback copies are really inexpensive) is excellent. An excerpt. “The growth of the private land trust movement in … Continue reading

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Water Meeting: Fear or Water?

A recent column in Sacramento News & Review sets the record straight…it’s about water. An excerpt. “After reading the piece by Burt Wilson (“More water propaganda flowing,” SN&R Guest Comment, February 9), I’m not at all sure we were at … Continue reading

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