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Running Rapids on the American

This is a nice piece on white watering, from the Wall Street Journal. An excerpt. “On the American River, near Coloma, Calif. “I blew the turn and the kayak shot up onto the big rock, its nose in the air … Continue reading

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Walters on Hydro Power

A good column from Dan Walters in the Sacramento Bee on the aversion to hydro-power from dams that has been a cornerstone of the environmentalist movement since the beginning, but the reasons for their antipathy to dams and virtually all … Continue reading

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Homeless Along Sacramento River

A large camp was cleaned out recently in West Sacramento, as reported in this story from the Sacramento News & Review. An excerpt. “Police evicted Steve Kruse from his home last Wednesday—and he nearly died. “They ran everybody out of … Continue reading

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Smart Growth Vision

It is not an attractive one for those of us who love living in the suburbs and this two-part post on Exurbia Chronicles is a must read. Part One here, and Part Two here. An excerpt from Part One. “Every … Continue reading

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Rampaging Coyotes

A rebuttal—published in the Sacramento Bee—to the ideological-driven series from the Sacramento Bee calling for banning predator control, which includes coyotes. An excerpt. “Bill Karr, Northern California editor of Western Outdoor News, is responding to Bee reporter Tom Knudson’s recent … Continue reading

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Contracting Out Park Maintenance

An article about it—with an opportunity to vote in a poll about whether the city should contract out its park maintenance or not—from the Sacramento Press. An excerpt. “With the city poised to slash the parks department budget, park maintenance … Continue reading

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Exurbia Chronicles Blog

It is a new blog from Mary Baker in Southern California that discusses life in the exurbs, which I encountered in my daily reading of New Geography, a daily must-read. Mary’s blog is very interesting and I have bookmarked it for a … Continue reading

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Tech Jobs & Sacramento

The areas with the best tech opportunities are listed and discussed in this article from New Geography and Sacramento comes in at #42 out of 51. An excerpt. “With Facebook poised to go public, the attention of the tech world, and … Continue reading

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Bike Month

Its local success is reported on by the Sacramento Bee  and it is success one would expect in one of the greatest biking environments in the country in terms of our weather, the terrain, and our many trails, with the American … Continue reading

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Sacramento’s Government

It is no surprise that Sacramento is a government town, but it might be surprising that it is ranked as number one nationally in percentage of government jobs, as reported by the Sacramento Business Journal. An excerpt. “Nowhere does the … Continue reading

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