Contracting Out Park Maintenance

An article about it—with an opportunity to vote in a poll about whether the city should contract out its park maintenance or not—from the Sacramento Press.

An excerpt.

“With the city poised to slash the parks department budget, park maintenance continues to fall short, and Sacramento Press readers are asking if the city should just outsource park maintenance altogether, while union leaders think it’s a bad idea, and a city park comissioner says its been tried before without success. 

“The obvious question here is what is the cost if all park maintenance staff are laid off, and the services (are) outsourced to a non-union private contractor?” asked “Cogmeyer,” a frequent Sacramento Press commenter.

Craig Powell, president of the local political watchdog group Eye on Sacramento, agreed, saying that outsourcing park maintenance “has to be on the table.”

“Powell referred to the city’s move to contract out golf course maintenance services last year – for a projected annual savings to the city of $500,000.

“Outsourcing basic park maintenance will save many times that amount,” Powell said in his comment.”

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