The Green Agenda

An excellent article about it from Exurbia Chronicles.

An excerpt.

“Sustainable development principles are intended to balance environmental protection with economic development. This  concept, which is the main focus of this year’s Rio+20 Summit being held in Brazil, is lauded by advocates all over the world as the requisite paradigm shift needed to sustain our planet for future generations.

“While coal, natural gas and oil companies get the thumbs down by many world leaders and environmentalists because of their unsustainable impacts on the environment, wind farms and solar panel fields developers are getting the thumbs up. These businesses are praised and supported because they promise ‘green’ jobs and ‘clean, green’ energy. Any business venture that moves the economy in the direction of sustainable development gets the ‘green‘ light. In America, developers and planners are even getting environmental impact report waivers (EIR), tax incentives, and public funding for these projects.

“Governments’ attempts at solving the impacts of climate change and man’s alleged impact on the environment are proving to be clumsy at best and at worst, deadly. The U.S. Federal government is now proposing first-of-its-kind “take permits” that would allow the Oregon West Butte Wind Power LLC “to kill as many as three protected golden eagles over five years if the company fulfills its conservation commitments.” This despite the 1940 Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act against harassment and killing. What happens when more birds die than the law allows or when these ‘take permits’ are granted across all 50 states?

Wind farms and solar panel fields are killing a lot more than Golden Eagles. Kit Fox, Desert Tortoise, and Bat populations are just some of the fauna that are being impacted. Flora, vistas and open space are being devastated as well. Trees are being cut down, agricultural land is being re-purposed, hillsides and canyon passes are morphing into steel forests and deserts are laid with hectares of photovoltaic carpets.

“The ‘green’ movement message is confusing. Take the devastating stories of the California Delta Smelt or the Klamath River Coho Salmon as examples. In the case of the Delta Smelt, the EPA, USFWS, and litigious environmentalists sacrificed an entire region of food producing farm land (the Central Valley) to protect one fish species. By turning off the water pumping stations to protect the fish, thousands of farmers can no longer grow crops that feed millions of people around the world.”

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