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Parkway Golf Courses & Illegal Camping

In this article from the City Parks Blog we see an idea worthy of local consideration; for instance, could the two golf courses in the Parkway, Campus Commons and Ancil Hoffman, be put to better use? Some time ago, in … Continue reading

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Stockton’s Bankruptcy, An Object Lesson?

It certainly is, and the coverage of it as well, as reported by this story from Public Sector reporting some revealing facts contributing to the great difficulty governments have had recently funding parks generally, and specifically, the American River Parkway. An … Continue reading

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Council/Manager Government

Which is how our fair city is managed and this article from Public Sector Inc. notes the problems with that in relation to the recent bankruptcies in California—almost all of which are Council/Manager forms of government. An excerpt. “These are … Continue reading

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New York Parks

A very nice piece on them from the New York Times. An excerpt. “WHENEVER you doubt that the future can improve upon the past or that government can play a pivotal role in that, consider and revel in the extraordinary … Continue reading

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Smart Growth Marketing

It has been somewhat effective, so much so that some people living in the suburban housing that a vast majority of Americans prefer to live in, often feel somewhat guilty about living in the suburbs. This related article from New … Continue reading

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Evaluating Government

As this article in the Sacramento Bee reveals, it is not as easy as one might think, but we must find a way to do it, and the note made of the Deartment of Parks and Recreation doing a good … Continue reading

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State Park’s $54 Million Surplus!

In the midst of cutbacks in staff and the threatened closure of parks, it was revealed Friday that the state parks dept has a huge secret surplus—you can’t make this stuff up—as reported by the Sacramento Bee. An excerpt “State … Continue reading

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The Chronic Homeless & Housing First

Housing First—which we support (May 12, 2008 Press Release on News Page)  for reducing the illegal camping by the chronic homeless in the Parkway—is a concept begun by Pathways to Housing in New York and adapted in Los Angeles, which … Continue reading

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Hetch Hetchy

This Sacramento Bee editorial is correct that the Hetch Hetchy Valley will eventually be restored by tearing down the dam; it is just too good an idea, just as we know that someday the Auburn Dam will be built, its … Continue reading

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Banning Alcohol on the River

Bad idea. The way to control bad behavior, on the river and anywhere else in public, is with a strong police presence, not by banning the enjoyment of a cold beer on a hot day on the sunny beach. An … Continue reading

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