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Cottage Housing, Teaching Fishing

This article in the Sacramento Bee about the entrepreneurial direction of Cottage Housing, is exactly the type of effort that will help the homeless help themselves, rather than the passing out of domestic services with nothing asked for in return … Continue reading

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On the River

Considering the mayhem that was reported by the Sacramento Bee on this weekend’s river rafting event, one has to wonder, if a permit was required, why it was approved for an event labeling itself “Rafters Gone Wild”, which is apparently … Continue reading

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High Speed Rail

This is a project made for a huge state like California  with significant north/south traffic, and we are happy to se it approved, as reported by the Sacramento Bee. California is short of money, but learning to privatize—through contracts with … Continue reading

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Nature Girl

A wonderful column from Exurbia Chronicles examining the internal struggles exhibited in an article written by a devotee of eco theology, which would be humorous if it was not so tragic. An excerpt. “This month’s edition of Whole Living Magazine features … Continue reading

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Sacramento’s Riverfront

This Sacramento Bee editorial is right: “The task force also plans to look at options onSacramento’s riverfront, which is a shadow of what it could be…” A brief peek at two other relatively same size cities, Portland and Indianapolis, shows … Continue reading

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Central Valley Flood Plan

For the money being spent, as reported in the Sacramento Bee, Auburn Dam could be built and Shasta Dam raised to its original engineered height, as we posted on earlier, virtually removing any major flood threat in the Central Valley. … Continue reading

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Illegal Camping & Homeless Property

This issue has festered into a very burdensome financial and legal mess for local government due to their their past failure to deal effectively with enforcement of the laws against camping in public space, particularly in the American River Parkway; where illegal camping in … Continue reading

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Drinking on the River

It is a great Sacramento-summer-on-the-river tradition and the banning of it during holidays on the American River is policy we did not support five years ago when it was implemented The better alternative for controlling the abuse of legal drinking is not to … Continue reading

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Think Big About Riverfronts

Sacramento has many wonderful natural assets, including its relatively moderate weather patterns—as we are so reminded of witnessing the weather tragedies in other parts of the country—and chief among those assets is the two major rivers bordering our community. Given … Continue reading

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Lighting up the Park

This idea (already implemented by many parks) posted on the City Parks Blog, is a good one, which, in addition to the urban park usage benefits, also increases public safety in and around the lighted park. An excerpt. “If not enough parkland … Continue reading

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