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The Chronic Homeless & Housing First

Housing First—which we support (May 12, 2008 Press Release on News Page)  for reducing the illegal camping by the chronic homeless in the Parkway—is a concept begun by Pathways to Housing in New York and adapted in Los Angeles, which … Continue reading

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Hetch Hetchy

This Sacramento Bee editorial is correct that the Hetch Hetchy Valley will eventually be restored by tearing down the dam; it is just too good an idea, just as we know that someday the Auburn Dam will be built, its … Continue reading

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Banning Alcohol on the River

Bad idea. The way to control bad behavior, on the river and anywhere else in public, is with a strong police presence, not by banning the enjoyment of a cold beer on a hot day on the sunny beach. An … Continue reading

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Cottage Housing, Teaching Fishing

This article in the Sacramento Bee about the entrepreneurial direction of Cottage Housing, is exactly the type of effort that will help the homeless help themselves, rather than the passing out of domestic services with nothing asked for in return … Continue reading

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On the River

Considering the mayhem that was reported by the Sacramento Bee on this weekend’s river rafting event, one has to wonder, if a permit was required, why it was approved for an event labeling itself “Rafters Gone Wild”, which is apparently … Continue reading

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High Speed Rail

This is a project made for a huge state like California  with significant north/south traffic, and we are happy to se it approved, as reported by the Sacramento Bee. California is short of money, but learning to privatize—through contracts with … Continue reading

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Nature Girl

A wonderful column from Exurbia Chronicles examining the internal struggles exhibited in an article written by a devotee of eco theology, which would be humorous if it was not so tragic. An excerpt. “This month’s edition of Whole Living Magazine features … Continue reading

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