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Carol Doersch, R.I.P.

Carol, who died July 17th, was a great Parkway advocate and a wonderful person who will be deeply missed. I first met Carol several years ago when we were both on the Sacramento History Commission. She recruited me for the … Continue reading

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Public Order & Lawsuits

In the ongoing struggle to provide safety to the public within public space—enforcing the law against illegal camping in the American River Parkway for instance—through the maintenance of public order, the legal profession often proves more of a hindrance than … Continue reading

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An excellent article from the Wall Street Journal reviewing three new books about cities. An excerpt. “America is becoming more European. It’s as if a recessive gene has become dominant, reshaping the American character. Never mind Obamacare, SmartCars and fussy … Continue reading

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Sacramento Flooding

As the Sacramento Bee reports, our levees are still not up to snuff and while that has to be fixed, the longer range solution to flooding in the Sacramento region is the construction of Auburn Dam and the raising of Shasta … Continue reading

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Biking Sacramento

This article from the Sacramento Bee notes how good an area Sacramento is for biking, with further improvements—as long as valuable car lanes are not lost—still in development. One of the improvements we advocate is a bike trail from the … Continue reading

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American River Party Culture

Informative story about it in the Sacramento News & Review. An excerpt. “It’s summertime in the sun-stewed waters that bottle Discovery Park, and the first giant river party of the summer is off and flowing. “Clusters of nuzzling motorboats form … Continue reading

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Energy & the American Economy

One of my cousins owns a farm in Williston, North Dakota, which is where my family first settled after their migration from Russia in the early 20th Century fleeing the Communists. The added wealth the family has acquired as a … Continue reading

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Illegal Camping Press Release From Last Week

PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release, August 17, 2012, Sacramento, California AMERICAN RIVER PARKWAY PRESERVATION SOCIETY (ARPPS)  Illegal Camping in North Sacramento/Woodlake Area of the Parkway Over the past several days we, and other Parkway organizations and public leaders, have been … Continue reading

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Turning Brownfields Into Parks

The subject of this excellent article from City Parks Blog. An excerpt. “Back in 1975, the rusted pipes and immense corroded tanks of Seattle’s Gasworks Park seemed bizarre and incongruous against its verdant lawns. If old factory brownfields were repellent, … Continue reading

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California & Detroit

This article from New Geography posits that California could go the way of Detroit if current economic and political trends are not redirected. It is clear California has substantial problems, detailed in this article, but the underlying reality of location, … Continue reading

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